Benefits of
Landlord Participation

Benefits of Landlord Participation

Landlord participation in the Housing Choice Voucher program offers many financial benefits, these include:

On-Time, Convenient Payments

The housing authority pays our portion of the rent directly into your bank account on the 1st business day of the month.

$1,000 Landlord Signing Bonus for new lease-ups effective on or after June 1, 2021. For more details on eligibility and limitations, click here.

Protection from Tenant Financial Losses

HACSB contracts with a 3rd party vendor to study the rents throughout San Bernardino County and is able to offer local payment standards that closely reflect the rents in nine different submarkets.

Free Inspections

Prior to move-in, HACSB will conduct an inspection to ensure the unit is safe, decent, and sanitary at no cost to the landlord. After move-in, HACSB conducts periodic inspections to ensure the units is being maintained and will notify you of any concerns.

Incentive for Tenant Lease Compliance

To increase tenant compliance, we provide counseling to tenants who have received warnings and notices from their landlords.

Landlord Portal

Participating landlords are invited to register for our Landlord Portal to access payment details, inspection results, and more.

Customer Service

Our friendly and helpful staff strive to assist with your concerns and questions in a timely manner.

Owner Maintains Control

Participating landlords continue to maintain control over all aspects of management, maintenance, and lease enforcement.

Making a Difference while Contributing to the Community

Participating landlords have the satisfaction of providing needed housing at market rates for low-income families, seniors, veterans and individuals with disabilities.

Free Marketing

Owners may list their vacancies for veterans and individuals with disabilities who are currently searching for housing under the Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (VASH) and Mainstream Voucher programs. Contact Amanda Tower by clicking here or call (909) 890-5341 for more information.

Safeguard Against Lost Rent During Eviction

Unfortunately, not every tenant will live up to their lease agreement and the landlord will be forced to evict. If this occurs with a participant family, we will continue to pay the housing authority’s share of the rent throughout the eviction process until the date the tenant moves out or is locked out by order of the court.

Prevention of Overcrowding

Throughout southern California, families are doubled or tripled up in small units in order to afford the rent. Overcrowding increases the landlord’s utility costs, creates additional wear and tear, and leads to conflicts. HACSB restricts the number of individuals allowed in the subsidized unit, which eliminates the potential for overcrowding.