HACSB invites you to consider joining our team! We take pride in being an Equal Employment Opportunity employer. HACSB’s employees are passionate about their work and every position revolves around our agency’s mission and core values. Job sites are located throughout San Bernardino County. We are excited to have you join our team!

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“I have always had a personality and heart’s desire in helping others, this desire has manifested in various ways in my position here. HACSB has truly opened many doors of enlightenment and ability to assist others of many different walks and stages of life. I have had the pleasure of working with our Seniors, (with these changing times just need a little patience and guidance), the general population of low income families (most of which simply have barely enough to survive), the homeless hard to house families (a group who have hit rock-bottom and need someone to lift their head up enough so they can step out), as well as our heroes, the Veterans, the ones who made great sacrifices for me to simply be here and do what I do, I can give something back to them. I also work alongside some great like-minded people, my co-workers and supervisor, who take great pleasure to see others do well, and succeed. HACSB allows us to meet, encourage, and help others in times of need, although our tasks are not without challenges and frustrations, but the end results are rewarding.”

Employed since 2014

Kimberly Gutierrez

Housing Services Specialist

“I enjoy working for an organization that helps people and provides life changing assistance for those who need it the most. Each day presents unique challenges but it is fulfilling knowing that I am making a difference in the people’s lives. I also enjoy working with an excellent team and a supportive Supervisor who allows me to work independently while also being available to provide guidance if needed.”

Employed since 2020

Shiniqua Green

Housing Services Specialist

“Knowing that my contribution in the accounting work that I do, helps support our community by offering affordable housing, is very rewarding.  I value the vast knowledge that I have gained while working for HACSB and appreciate that my supervisor and co-workers are helpful.  I am also grateful for the benefits offered to my family and myself.”

Employed since 2015

Wendy Celis


“I truly love my job and what we do as an agency. What we represent and the countless lives we change day in and day out. To be led by an amazing Supervisor and work with such a wonderful team of people with likeminded goals and aspirations. We make a real difference in our community, this is more than a regular 9-5 job, we are heroes to those struggling to stay housed, those living in homelessness, and those living in fear of not having anywhere to sleep at night.”  

Employed since 2017

Monique Valencia

Housing Services Specialist

“I appreciate my job and after many years of working with HACSB I still love coming to work every day. The opportunity to see success stories with our families and be a part of that is truly rewarding and makes it worthwhile.”

Employed since 2018

Veronica Becerra

Lead Housing Services Specialist